09 August, 2023

Secure Your Retirement Income with a Waterfall Investment Strategy

Are you on your way to building a retirement nest egg? Do you want an investment strategy that provides a lifetime of reliable retirement income while maintaining the potential for growth to protect against inflation? You should consider adding a waterfall...

20 July, 2023

Economic Resilience is Giving Way to Recession

Our views and positioning across our portfolios haven’t changed since our June commentary “Where Do We Go From Here.” Most advanced economies have so far dodged the recessions that we, and many others, had expected to start towards the end of the first...

18 July, 2023

More Market Surprises Ahead

In a surprisingly positive first half of 2023, Rana Chauhan discusses how unpredictable “events” can move the markets in ways we can never predict. As Rana notes, the first half of 2023 surprised many investors after a winter of discontent. After many...

26 May, 2023

Financial Market Update: Where Do We Go from Here?

A flurry of data and central bank announcements in recent weeks has provided more clarity about where the global economy is heading, reinforcing our view and also highlighting some risks to our outlook. Three things have become clear. The first is that...

03 May, 2023

Home Ownership Plans

Wondering how the new First Home Savings Account (FHSA) works with existing programs to help you save for a home? Gain a better understanding of Canada’s government sponsored plans for supporting home ownership with our timely new infographic.

26 April, 2023

Incorporate Your True Age in Your Retirement Income Plan

For more than a century, the idea of retirement has been linked to a “retirement age.” Many people consider 65 to be the retirement age in Canada – the point at which you qualify for full Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan benefits, for example...

20 April, 2023

Preparing for the Next Cycle

In his Q1 update, Wayne Gillespie discusses the potential impact of the U.S. banking situation on the markets and how Counsel's Portfolio Managment Team is preparing for the next cycle. “Investors should look at the coming months as investment opportunities...

28 March, 2023

Global Financial Crises? A Volatile Start to 2023

When things move as rapidly as they have done over the past month, it’s often difficult to see the forest for the trees. Whether the recent relative calm marks the end of the turmoil, or a temporary pause amid a deepening crisis, will depend on the answers...

09 March, 2023

Invest Smarter with a Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy

Time in the Market is More Important than Timing the Market Investing can be an emotional process, especially if you try to time the market. The “what ifs” can be overwhelming, leading to missed opportunities in the market. A strategy that can help you...

08 February, 2023


Wondering where to put your money? Find out whether a TFSA or an RRSP or a combination of both are best for achieving your financial goals, taking into account your priorities.